General Warranty Information

What Does a Warranty Usually Cover?

Your mattress warranty generally covers measurable defects that effect the structural integrity of the mattress or box spring. This coverage will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, so it is important to read your warranty card for details. The warranty also covers measurable body impressions greater than 1.5″ on a quilted-top mattress and greater than 0.75″ on a memory foam mattress.

What’s NOT Covered?

There are a few things that are not covered by the warranty:

Comfort is subjective and is not covered by the warranty unless the comfort issue is the affect of a measurable defect.

The handles on nearly every mattress are designed to be decorative. They are not built to carry the full weight of the mattress and should never be used to lift or move the mattress. Damage to the mattress from improper use of the decorative handles is not covered by the warranty.

Mold is a product of the environment the mattress is kept in and is not considered a manufacturer defect.

The top cover stitching on most mattresses is mainly for esthetics.  Strings that are loose/unraveling are generally not covered.

Key things that void your warranty:

  • Improper Support: Your manufacturer’s warranty requires that your mattress is supported by a foundation/bed frame/adjustable base that is structurally capable of carrying the weight of the mattress and purchaser(s).  The manufacturer may require proof of the quality of the foundation, adjustable base, or bed frame.
  • Improper Bed Frame:  With king- and queen-size mattresses, the bed frame must have a center support beam and five to six legs.
  • Stains/Soiling:  This can ruin the structure of the product and make the bed unsanitary. For health & safety reasons, the manufacturer reserves the right to deny any warranty coverage based on stains or soiling. This includes, but is not limited to, discoloration, mold, water stains, etc.
  • Missing Law Tag(s):  The law tags provide the “birth date” and warranty code for your mattress.

If you do have a stain on your mattress and you purchased a mattress protector from GBS on the same invoice as your mattress, please refer to the contact below to handle the claim directly with the mattress protector manufacturer.  Click here for a copy of the warranty card for the Supreme and Ultra Tech models.

Note, if your manufacturer is one of the following please contact them as they will only work directly with their customers:

Kingsdown (Tues – Fri, 10a-2p EST): 800-800-1353
Leggett & Platt: 800-876-2641
Malouf: Info: Malouf Warranties
BedTech Adjustable Bases: Customer Service: 855-430-8943
Reverie: Warranty: 800-973-8374
Customer Service: 888-888-5990
Reverie Warranty Service
Serta: Serta Warranty Service
Sleep Comfort International: 800-354-5464
Tempur-Pedic: Tempur-Pedic Warranty Service

If your manufacturer is listed below, please click the link to begin the warranty submission process. If you are unsure which manufacturer to select, please refer to your law tag.  This is generally sewn into either the head or foot of the bed.

Ashley Northwest Bedding
BedTech Oregon Mattress Company
Corsicana Parklane (Factory Direct)
Easy Rest Primo
Emerald Sleep Systems Sealy
GBS Sound Sleep
Glideaway Stearns & Foster
Lady Americana Tualatin Sleep Products