Welcome to MyMattressWarranty.com

We have a lot of experience navigating the warranty process and we’re here to help. Our goal at MyMattressWarranty.com is to help you gather the correct information to expedite your warranty claim. We offer this service at no charge to you.

The process is simple and ensures you have all of the information ready and in a form the manufacturer needs to provide a quick response. We will submit your claim to your manufacturer for processing. We guarantee that a fully submitted claim will be processed within 7-10 business days.


To complete your warranty claim submission you’ll need:

1. Proof of Purchase: Every manufacturer requires a copy of your receipt.

2. Law Tags: Every manufacturer requires a picture of your law tags showing the manufacture date.

3. Measuring Tools: To measure a depression, you’ll need a straight edge (ex: broomstick handle) and a tape measure.

NOTE: Manufacturers do not accept measurements taken in the top stitching of the mattress.

4. Photos: Most manufacturers need just a few basic photos. Click here for instructions on how to take pictures based on most manufacturers’ requirements.

NOTE: Not having the correct photos will delay the process. Manufacturers will not accept photos with a person or any weighted item on the mattress.

5. Email: All communication regarding your claim will be made via email. After you’ve submitted your photos you will receive an email confirmation from us.  Please save the email address- you don’t want your approval ending up in you Spam folder!


Here’s how to get started

1. Click the Begin Warranty Submission link below.

2. Click on your manufacturer and review your warranty. Not sure on the manufacturer? Just check the law tag at the head of the bed and it’s listed there. Remember, the mattress and boxspring each have their own law tag.

3. After reviewing your warranty, just follow the prompts to enter your contact info and upload pictures.

That’s it! We’ll review your submission and contact you if a photo is missing or unclear.  Once we get all the necessary information and photos, we’ll send it to the manufacturer, and get back to you within 10 banking days.

We do our best to keep the provided warranty information current. However, any outdated information in our warranty section is superseded by the current specific manufacturer’s warranty guidelines.


All manufacturer warranties state that transportation and delivery costs are the sole responsibility of the consumer and that all products must be sanitary and clean or the warranty is void.

MyMattressWarranty.com is a third party warranty submission site and does not guarantee any products nor the outcome of any claim. The manufacturer of your product provides the terms and conditions of the warranty and is responsible for decisions related to the outcome of your claim.

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